• Les Alpes

    Scenes from "The Alps" (2007).
    All rights belong to the authors and producers of the DVD.
    The Alps is a 2007 documentary film about the climbing of the north face of the Eiger in the Bernese Alps by John Harlin III, son of John Harlin who died on the same ascent 40 years earlier.

    Directed by Stephen Judson
    Produced by Stephen Judson, Mark Krenzien, Greg MacGillivray
    Written by Stephen Venables, Stephen Judson
    Starring John Harlin, Robert Jasper, Daniela Jasper
    Cinematography Michael Brown
    Editing by Stephen Judson
    Distributed by IMAX Corporation


    Michael Gambon, Narrator
    John Harlin III as Himself
    Robert Jasper as Himself
    Daniela Jasper as Herself
    Adele Hammond as Herself
    Siena Harlin as Herself
    Bruno Messerli as Himself
    Beatrice Messerli as Herself
    Christine Pielmeier as Herself

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